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Thermoguard Compact

Like it’s big brother the Thermoguard, the Thermoguard Compact has all the benefits of this fantastic roller garage door, but requires less room within the garage. Perfect for smaller garages, requiring only 205mm of headroom.

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Curtain Colour

Please select which colour you would like the door curtain. This is the curtain colour only and not the frame or box colour, which can be selected later.

Structural Opening Sizes

Please input your structural opening sizes. Be sure to measure from multiple places and input the smallest measurement in millimetres.


(Brick to Brick)

Measuring Guide Section A


(Brick to Brick)

Measuring Guide Section B

Please click this button to recalculate if you have amended your measurements

Internal Sizes

Please input the internal measurements of your garage. Be sure to measure from multiple places and input the smallest measurement in millimetres.


Measuring Guide Section C

Left Side Room

Measuring Guide Section D

Right Side Room:

Measuring Guide Section E

Fixing Position

Please select what your ideal fixing position would be. If you don’t have the spacial requirements to allow fitting in your preferred way, we will manufacture the door as close as we can.

Motor Side

Please select which side you would like the motor on when viewed from inside the garage. If possible, select the side that has more room. Take note of where electric sockets are.

Frame Colour

Select the colour you would like the frame and box cover of your door. Laminate finished doors come with a brown frame and box.


Please add which any extras you may need. Emergency external release is required should your garage have no other access point.

Emergency External Release:

Extra Hand Transmitters:

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The Thermoguard Compact Insulated Roller Door from Gliderol is a tried and tested technical marvel! The controls and sensing systems are proven performers in all weathers, day-in, day-out and are manufactured under Gliderol's strict quality controls. Security is provided by spring loaded locking straps along the barrel - not one locking point but at least three. 

The door comes complete with an NRG motor and ANSA Roll-Smart controls & safety equipment as standard, including 2 remote control hand transmitters. The Compact Thermoguard comes with a full box as standard!

Requiring only 205mm of headroom and 70mm of side room, the Thermoguard Compact is a great space saver within the garage. An external release will be required for garages without another access point. 

Note: Full and Half Boxes + guides are available to match painted coloured door curtain. Vandyke Brown boxes and guides are supplied as standard for laminated door curtain.  

Please refer to brochure for Technical Information regarding headroom and sideroom requirements. If recommended headroom is not available the door may still be installed, required headroom should be maintained (N.B some loss of opening height will occur and the roll of the door will be visable, but this may be disguised by fascia).

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